What NOT to Do at the Gym

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In this lesson on what not to do in a gym locker room, a man is shown in a locker room, apparently getting ready for some big event since he is changing to formal clothes and seems to be in a little bit of a rush. He is definitely not going to a golf course or some other competition, since he wouldn’t be able to move with agility at all in the suit as it is. But if he were going to play golf, he should at least have gotten loose-fitting clothing. His physique is definitely more like a golfer’s than a bodybuilder’s.

If he wanted to build some muscle and get a better-looking physique, he should get some gym equipment set up at home. He could get a great deal over here and be in the best shape of his life, rather than have a thin scrawny that he currently has. Bowflex has a wide variety of machines that he can pick to help him achieve his fitness goals.

He is supposedly talking to his wife or some other female with whom he has a relationship and it seems to come from his wife’s point of view. When he comes on the screen he is looking down, buttoning the third-to-top button on his white shirt.

His wife says something, and he responds with, “Hello?” The wife says something else, and he responds in a foreign language. She says something, and he responds, saying, “Mm hmm.” They do this a few times and then he says, “Of course, baby,” while continuing to button his shirt. His wife says another few sentences in the other language as he continues to get ready to leave and finishes buttoning his white button down shirt.

Then, his wife says something in English; “Oh my God it’s so cute!” He looks up and pulls on a black suit jacket, pulling it over him and putting it on fully. As the wife continues talking, he looks a little confused or uneasy with something, and his wife ends with another English phrase, “So retro!”

He finishes dressing, and behind him another man walks out, also ready. His wife is talking about cash and something about credit cards and how she wants or needs one. He responds, apparently with an answer she wants to hear because she says, “Okay, thank you baby!” There is a slight beep, and then the wife continues, saying something that seems as if it is another plea. “Um, you have the credit card baby, I love you, you know what to do with it.”

Suddenly, there is a squeal, and his wife is all happy screaming and yelling. She keeps repeating, “Oh, thank you, I love you, I love you…” He says, “Okay, I gotta go, I love you too.” He is grinning, even while straightening out his coat. His wife keeps saying, “I love you, I love you, I love you!” Apparently he turned off the device because her voice is abruptly muted.

He turns around and calls to someone in the locker, making it seem as if he was asking whose phone it was that was next to him. The person shrugs, and he turns back, confused. The screen turns white and two clouds of color, one blue and one pink, swirl around and create a haze of shades, with purple, blue, pink, yellow, and turquoise. They dissolve, and the words “Ticky Tacky” come up, with a multicolored gift box to the left of it. Under it in a smaller font are the three words “Unique gift ideas” and under that a website address.

The screen changes back to the locker room with the man finishing up, but this time a very large man comes and places a hand on the dressed-up man’s shoulder. The giant speaks a single sentence, a request for the phone. The little man is startled at the size of this man when he looks slowly at the person who has placed a hand on his shoulder. His eyes are wide and horrified. He grabs the phone, hands it to the big guy, puts on a pair of sunglasses and quickly walks out of the locker room as the big guy looks at him leave, perhaps wondering why he is rushing out.

What NOT to Do at the Gym
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on October 17, 2014
Ticky Tacky creates a commercial of a man talking to his wife. He promises her something and makes her happy, very happy indeed. The only problem is that she is someone else's wife and whatever he promised her will be a real surprise to the real husband.
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