Top 5 Plays of NBA Finals, Game 5

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Top 5 Plays of NBA Finals, Game 5

June 21, 2012 – Miami, FL

#5 – The Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh blocks Kendrick Perkins from dunking the ball. As Perkins goes up, Bosh comes from behind to knock the ball away and then recover the ball himself.

#4 – The Miami Heat’s Lebron James grabs two offensive rebounds after teammate Dwyane Wade’s shot bounces off the rim. James grabs the rebound, takes the shot, which bounces right back to him and he takes it again, this time sinking the basket.

#3 – Mike Miller hit an astounding 7 of 8 triple-pointers for the Heat. Adding a basket, he tied teammate Chris Bosh for the team’s second-highest scorer at 23 points, with Dwyane Wade scoring 20.

#2 – The Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant makes a monster slam dunk that was clearly unstoppable. It was a thing of beauty.

#1 – The Heat’s Mario Chalmer’s alley-oop to Dwyane Wade. Tough Miami defense forced a turnover in which Chalmers takes the ball down the court while Wade runs down the other side. Chalmers lobs the ball to an airborne Wade, who both catches and banks the ball off the backboard into the basket with his right hand as he sailed past. A thing of extraordinary beauty.

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