Todd Frazier Homers Right Off the Bat

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Todd Frazier Homers Right Off the Bat

May 27, 2012 – Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati Reds third baseman Todd Frazier may not always have a handle on things, but he’ll settle for the home run he got while losing the bat in the process. Colorado Rockies pitcher Jamie Moyer, the 49-year-old “Dick Clark” of baseball, threw a fat pitch down the middle and Frazier swung hard. Both ball and bat flew in the same direction, causing Moyer to jump back.

The ball landed in the left-field seats while the bat landed about even with the mound. Replays show that only one hand was holding the bat when it hit the ball. At first, broadcasters thought it was a broken bat home run but the bat boy retrieved an intact bat, leaving them even more amazed.

The Reds defeated the Rockies 7-5.


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