Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 Video Game

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In this Tiger Woods commercial, man walks up to the golf ball and takes a ready stance behind the golf ball, preparing to hit as he calculates his swing. He steps forward, prepared, but as he is about to swing, his legs suddenly shake, and he is shuddering so violently that he has to step back to maintain his composure. This could have something to do with a bad golf course or something wrong with the ground. To get a good, solid dependable course, check here for TeeOff promo codes, a great way to find good courses since they have over 1250 different courses in different locations around the world.

As the man is stepping back, another man, probably his trainer, asks him if he is all right. He looks at the man who asked for a few seconds, as if confused, and then answers, “yeah, I’m fine.” He steps up to swing again, but almost immediately his legs start to shake uncontrollably once again. He bends over and then steps back, as if reluctant to stop his swing.

The bystander looks at him, concerned, and says,”you want to, take a minute?” In response, he holds up his hands, indicating that he was going to try a few more times before finally giving up.

White words show up, reading, ‘can you handle the pressure?’ The man steps up, and then steps back down as his legs start to shake. He moves back up again, and finds himself shaking even before his foot reaches the floor, looking as if he was doing some type of jig.

The screen shows to a picture of Tiger Woods, the famous golf player, who seems to have been the bystander who commented often in the video. A narrator states, “Tiger Wood, PGA tour 2006, rated E for everyone.” The screen changes again, this time showing the EA sports logo, and the narrator says, “EA sports; to the game.”

Galen Clavio talks about how the appearance of Tiger Woods, during his PGA tour, influenced the outburst of golfing video games with EA sports. His appearance influenced younger youth to play golf and to play that golf video game, which comes out every year.


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 Video Game
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on August 12, 2014
A man is shown about to hit a golf ball. Every time he steps up, though, his legs start shaking from pressure.
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