Thunder Storms Back Into the Series

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Thunder Storms Back Into the Series

May 31, 2012 – Oklahoma City, OK

There was nasty this time, but from the Oklahoma City Thunder, who showed up to the game firing on all cylinders in front of the home crowd. They punished the San Antonio Spurs 102-82 in Game 3 of the Western Conference finals.

Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant scored 22 points, with defensive specialist Thabo Sefolosha adding 19. Five Thunder players finished the night with double digit scoring, including James Harden (15), Serge Ibaka (14) and Russell Westbrook (10).

The Spurs led at the end of the first quarter but it was all Thunder after that. In the second quarter, Oklahoma City scored almost double the number of points, 32-17, to lead 54-41 at the half. From there, they poured it on.

Sefolosha was particularly effective in shutting down the Spurs shooting, with Tony Parker scoring 16 points, Manu Ginobili a mere eight and Tim Duncan just 11 points. Ironically, it was backup forward Stephen Jackson who was one of the top Spurs scorers with 16 points.

San Antonio stumbled out of the gate with four turnovers in the first three minutes, courtesy of Sefolosha, and they committed a postseason-worst 21 turnovers, as their streak of 20 victories came to an end. Tony Parker and Tim Duncan didn’t even play in the final 15 minutes as coach Greg Popovich gave up after three consecutive turnovers ballooned the lead to 23 points.

The Thunder now trail two games to one.

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