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An old man is standing with a golf club, about to hit the ball. Another man at the side is on his phone and looks up, commenting that he didn’t know the first man played golf. He replies, saying, “yep, took up the old eyes a few years ago.” He starts stretching, stretching his bottom out and cracking his bones. He mutters, “okay”, and raises the club to hit the golf ball. The man in the background lifts up his phone, probably to take a video.

The golfer takes a ferocious swing at the ball, and knocks it into the pool, barely scuffing it. He tries again, and kicks up a cloud of dirt while still completely missing the ball. He swings again, hitting the ground in front of the ball, and then again, knocking it slightly. He stretches his legs while he is swinging next, as if that will help anything. He swings another three times, his face looking as if in extreme concentration, and misses every time.

His friend chuckles and shakes his head, laughing softly at his attempts. Suddenly, the man takes a swing at the ball and it flies cleanly off the peg, swishing through the air. The two men look on and wince as the ball crashes through a window. This is their fault for not going on a golf course or at least an open field where they will not hit anything. with TeeOff promo codes, they would have been able to reserve a golf course easily. If you look here, you will find that TeeOff has more than 1250 courses around the globe, all of them able to be reserved.

The golfer flinches as sounds of shattering and breaking fill the air, and cringes as a cat wail is heard at the end. His friend looks up and says, “I can get two thousand for the whole set on OLX!” Not even a second later the golfer yells, “sell it!”

Music starts to play, saying, “OLX, OLX, OLX…” A page pops up with OLX deals, and a narrator says, “posts your ads for free, and get some cash with OLX!” The song ends with the words “everything sells!”

The two men enter the house they destroyed and stare as they take in the damage they caused. The golf ball is stuck in the television, and a man with spaghetti on his head looks at them, horrified, a cracked picture frame hanging tilted above him. The golfer stands and says, “okay…”other one declares, “lets start with the TV! I can get a flat screen for 2000.” Without hesitation the spaghetti covered man says, “buy it!” The two men who were at the golf disaster look at each other and sigh, relieved to have not been in greater trouble.

Shweta Saxena writes a paper on the company OLX. it is an ecommerce company that allows people to buy and sell products by posting advertisements.


OLX Free Online Classified Ads
OLX ad
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on August 5, 2014
A man is shown wrecking a house with a golf ball. Another man shows how he can both sell the incriminating golf set and buy back the destroyed belongings in the house with OLX.
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