Mystery Surrounds the Los Angeles Kings

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Mystery Surrounds the Los Angeles Kings

Maybe the Los Angeles Kings NHL hockey team should replace “Bailey”, their mascot, with Rodney Dangerfield.

Their own hometown CBS TV station showed the mascot Slamson the lion, as the broadcaster announced the results of the game between the Kings and the Phoenix Coyotes. Problem was, Slamson belongs to the Sacramento Kings NBA basketball team, which plays almost 400 miles to the northeast. Bailey is also a lion, but for a team that is in the playoffs, something the Sacramento Kings will only read about.

Maybe it’s because the Sacramento Kings are better known, playing basketball since the 1920s, as compared to the Los Angeles Kings playing hockey since 1966. Or it could be because Sacramento plays really bad basketball – semi-professional as it were – with no shot at winning any championship.

But the confusion has spread. NBC 4 LA showed the Sacramento Kings logo

The Sacramento Kings logo (basketball) while announcing the Los Angeles Kings (hockey)

and apologized the next night to viewers with this message:


Maybe the word “SACRAMENTO”, emblazoned over the word “KINGS”, is not big enough.

The Kings, the ones in the playoffs, have released a graphic to clear up the confusion: makes sure you don’t get confused when you go golfing at one of over 1,250 courses. With online reservations and fantastic discounts, you’ll enjoy every swing. Just go here for more details.


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