Mike’s Funny Commercial

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The commercial opens up by saying, “Anytime’s a great time for a cool refreshing Mike’s!” A man with a bowling ball walks up to the lane, but then stops and frowns. “Anytime?” He asks, holding up a bottle of Mike’s lemonade. “Even now?” He is holding a red bowling ball, and wearing large, nerdy looking glasses.

“Even if you were bowling against Martin Landau!” The narrator continues, as an old man appears and smiles at the main guy, holding a bowling ball as well. “And a man covered in dirt rubs up on your shirt!” A dirty, scrawny man comes up and rubs on the guy’s clean shirt, and he looks disgusting. The man holding the Mike’s bottle looks at the dirty person, and his face scrunches up in disgust.

“It’s a great time you see,” the narrator continues, but the man cuts him off and says, “For Mike’s?” The narrator continues unheeded, saying, “Yesiree!” The homeless man is still rubbing on his shirt. The man, still looking confused, says, “Even if there were bodybuilders on bikes?”

In front of him, on the bowling alley, seven big, buff men suddenly appear, looking very grouchy, each on his own bike. They all have huge abs and muscles, and they are all staring at the man with the bowling ball. Those guys must have been using Bowflex, what with abs like that! If you want those muscles, try out some Sports Clips Reviews coupons right here. “Even if they brought that guy that nobody likes!” An annoying-looking man sits on another bike behind the squad of bodybuilders and types away on a cell phone. He looks up and turns his head from side to side, as if trying to figure out what was going on.

The dirty man is still rubbing on the first man’s shirt as the narrator says, “Even if you see your girl with your best friend Juan!” He sees a pretty lady dressed in blue next to a dark guy, supposedly Juan, who puts his arm around her. “Even if the ground opened up, and you were gone!” The man is still looking at his girl and Juan when suddenly, the floor beneath him caves, and he falls out of sight still holding his bowling ball. The dirty man looks surprised, and turns to find that his rubbing cushion is gone.

“Guess I’ll talk to you now!” The girl and Juan stare at the spot where their friend had just been, looking confused and bewildered. “Sorry about your friend.” Landau walks up to the screen, holding two bottles of Mike’s lemonade. “Mike’s is great any time; there’s Landau again!”

The screen turns to a picture of a table, with the words “It’s never not a good time for a refreshing Mike’s.” The narrator then says, “It’s never not a good time for a refreshing Mike’s.” A hand slams a Mike’s bottle down on the table. The bottle is labeled, ‘Mike’s Hard Lemonade.”

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