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In an amusing Geico commercial, a bodybuilder directing traffic is used to show just how happy people are when they switch to Geico. A busy street corner is shown, with cars and people rushing by slowly, speedily, or anywhere in between. A song is heard, and suddenly, you see a huge dark man flex his muscles in a standard strength form-hands in fists, arms curled on either side of him to make him look huge and buff.

His face is in a taunt, contained grin, making him look happy but pained at the same time. He holds out a hand as a red car passes by him, indicating a car to stop at the corner. Then, he waves his hand as if indicating another car to pass the street. Every time he moves, he stops and tightens his muscles in a display of power and strength. Those muscles could probably hit a golf ball out of sight! Maybe he has tried before.

His Olympian physique is obviously due to his regular usage of gym equipment, which he most likely got by getting Bowflex coupons to load up his home gym. He turns around and points at some far away point in the distance and then waves his hand away, directing another car to go in the direction that he is signaling to. While he does that, his face is still in the imposing wrestler’s grin look.

His mouth closes as he turns again and motions with both of his arms to stop, and then turns his head to the right. A woman in a dark blue car stops, possibly admiring his muscular body or maybe smiling at the funny way he is directing traffic as she pulls a strand of her hair. The muscle man then pulls his arms beneath his shoulders and clenches them to show another pose outlining his muscles, and then waves one hand to direct another part of traffic. He puts one arm above his head and grabs his skull with his hands, clenching again to show off his biceps and triceps. He flutters his hand again, another indication of direction to a car that passes by him. He circles his arms around and points with both hands in a direction and then freezes, his large muscles shown to all.

Suddenly, the music stops, and the picture shifts to two people standing in front of a curtain, one holding a guitar and one holding a tiny banjo of some sort. The one holding the guitar turns to the banjo-dude and says, “You know Ronny, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to Geico sure are happy.” The other man, who’s name is supposedly Ronny, says, “And how happy are they, Jimmy?” Jimmy answers by saying, “I’d say happier than that bodybuilder directing traffic!” Ronny says, “He does look happy!” They both start to play their instruments. A narrator says, “Get happy; get Geico; fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance,” as the words “GEICO:” shows up on the screen in front of the two musicians, and the body builder, just a smudge in the background now, continues to direct traffic behind them.

Geico Bodybuilder
Geico Ad
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on October 14, 2014
A bodybuilder is shown directing traffic, looking as happy as someone who saved hundreds of dollars from switching to Geico.
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