Fly Out, Throw Him Out

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Fly Out, Throw Him Out

July 7, 2012 – Boston, MA

New York Yankees left-fielder Andruw Jones’s leaping catch at the base of the Green Monster in Fenway Park was just the start of a double play. Boston Red Sox’s David Ortiz ran hard from first base on contact, convinced that Adrian Gonzalez’s fly ball to left field was going to fall in for a hit.

But Jones leaped, caught the ball and fired to second baseman Robinson Cano, who then relayed the ball to first baseman Mark Texeira ahead of the hard-sliding Ortiz.

Such was a stellar day for the part-time player who complemented his defensive gem with two solo home runs to help the Yankees defeat the Red Sox, 6-1. Both homers were part of back-to-back shots.

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