Diet Mountain Dew Golf Cart Ad

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A man is standing, about to hit a golf ball. He looks up to gauge the distance and then back down again, looking at his ball. He stands there for a few more seconds, preparing for a hit, when suddenly a golf cart barrels into view and literally flies over the golfer’s head.

The golfer looks up just as the golf cart flies over his head, so that he completely misses it as it continues on its way. It hits the floor and keeps flipping, turning again and again as the people in it no doubt try to regain control. They finally slid to a stop right next to the hole, and stare at each other. Apparently, they just made a shot or something because it’s a wide eyed, “I don’t believe it” kind of stare.

A narrator’s voice says, “No matter who you are, everybody’s got a little diet Dew in them.” The two men cheer, probably because of their luck, and the crowd that was watching the golfer also start to clap and applaud the great stunt that was performed. A man holding a mountain Dew bottle says to his neighbor, “great shot!” They don’t look all that great, but they most likely used TeeOff promo codes to rent a golf cart or other equipment. If you are a golf fan or like to play golf, look at TeeOff, with over 1250 golf courses worldwide.

The narrator continues, saying, “so don’t hold back.” The girl who the man spoke to raises the Dew can and takes a drink. The man at the beginning, who was about to swing, looks up, confused by the noise since he hadn’t even made his shot yet. As he looks around, trying to find out what exactly they were cheering at and why, a fellow golfer who is standing next to him turns his head to indicate where the two men had crashed their golf cart.

The golfer looks that direction and sees the two men getting out of their cart. They tip their hats at the crowd, acknowledging the praise, and the screen goes to a picture of the can of Diet Dew, probably the girl’s from before, and a man says, “do the Diet Dew,” as the words appear on the bottom as well. The screen fades to black.

The Soda Factory writes on the marketing techniques and health issues of Mountain Dew. It states that they are associated with sports-related ads and video game commercials.

Diet Mountain Dew Golf Cart Ad
Mountain Dew Ad
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on July 29, 2014
A man is at a golf tournament. Suddenly, two people crash in and do a marvelous stunt, apparently hyped up on Diet Dew.
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