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Sports Clips Reviews features awesome or humorous videos from the sports world including baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, MMA, NASCAR, NCAA and more!

Every sports fan needs a break and there’s no better way to take one than with some exciting or funny sports videos. Thrill to a walk-off home run, a bomb of a touchdown pass, a slapshot, a buzzer-beating 3-pointer, a header into the goal, a knockout, a thrilling finish to the checkered flag. Or some belly laughing entertainment that will have you chuckling the rest of the day.

Athletes, despite seeming superhuman capabilities, are still human. They make mistakes, say or do funny things and love to play jokes on others.

What is Sports Clips Reviews All About?

Sports Clips Reviews analyzes sports-related videos. Just like sports analysts analyze a duel between a pitcher and hitter, a quarterback’s pass, a power play or a slam dunk, we like to break down a video, play-by-play. Along the way, we will pick up on something worth mentioning, something important or funny. If something is bad, we will call it.

Analysis is something we all do, to help understand it and learn from it. Without analysis, we would never get better. We could make the same mistake over and over. For the sports fan, analysis is fun so as to understand the game better. Nothing is more mentally stimulating than to figure out the thinking behind a particular series of moves. What is going on inside the athlete’s mind?

When making a video, there is a storyline behind it. What goes into that storyline? A lot of elements, a lot of thinking. It helps to simplify and look at the components in order to understand the big picture.

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